An individual has to be wary in believing the information about discovery of cancer treatments or those sold on the internet or by some health food stores. If a person just accepts these claims, then the planet will probably have less demand for medical based therapies and patients could be lining up purchasing vegetables, fruits, herbs and teas from the farmer's market or other healing establishments instead of in oncologists' hospitals and clinics.

Soursop is a tropical fruit that has been in use for many years and is popularly believed in by people who've experienced cancer either caring for a cancer patient or suffering from cancer.

Like other many foods that are believed to have cancer fighting properties such as some teas, berries and vegetables, the health asserts soursop may sound too good to be true. What increases the controversy is the absence of medical proof that support claims and information regarding what portion of this tree possesses the best properties and just how much of it should be taken.

Even before being reported to battle cancer, soursop was being eaten by countries that grow it. It is a tasty fruit eaten fresh or made into smoothies and other beverages and foods. Although its irregular shape coupled with dull spikes may appear strange to those unaccustomed to its look, opening this fruit yields a pulp which is creamy white with black seeds and it is rich in aroma and flavor. Click for more info.

As a cancer treatment, it's said that the bark and leaves of soursop wild trees has the most healing properties. They are dried and made into a tea which is boiled to extract its medicinal components.

Contrary to the belief, medical research facilities have studied the healing properties of soursop for decades. Promising results have showed that it has the ability to target as well as kill cells that are damaged. However, its efficacy has not yet been determined so it is not marketed as a cancer cure formally. See page for more.

Other  Health Benefits 
The seeds of soursop are powerful in combating vomiting and nausea. A concoction made from the leaves can be applied on one's scalp to reduce head lice. People who suffer from eczema can use the mashed leaves to alleviate the skin condition. Sometimes, you might need to add more fresh fruits in your diet and you may feel like gulping some juice instead of eating the fruit. The soursop juice is effective for treating liver ailments and arthritis.

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